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Token sale whitelist

Follow these steps to join our token sale whitelist. You will need to be whitelisted in order to participate in our community pre-sale and public crowd-sale.

This information is required for third-party verification, which checks a database to make sure you're not a terrorist and deters against illicit activity. We do not store this information on our servers.

Note: is not TOSChain.
1 Basic Info
2 Waiting
Due to the regulatory landscape in the United States, US persons can not participate in the TOS token sale at this time.
The address you provide here will be added to our whitelist, you will only be able to send funds and receive your tokens using this address. Please make sure you control the private key for the address you provided, and that the wallet you use supports ERC20 tokens. We will not be able to receive funds directly from exchanges or wallets that do not support ERC20 tokens (such as